Creating Digital Functional Appliances with the T-Plus Material

After a long struggle with functional appliances and myofunctional designs that were not retentive and stable, our orthodontists and polymer scientists re-examined current off-the-shelf materials and came up with an innovative multi-layered material that resolves the past problems and opened up a new dimension of treatment for your growing patients.


Tristar T plus combines polymer science to provide a material that seemingly achieves the impossible: Gentle, root, and tooth movement from the inner surface, and a tough, impact-resistant outer surface that captures and withstands functional forces to utilize functional appliance mechanics to resolve the bite.


In this video, we will show how to design and utilize the Tristar T-Plus functional appliance material as well as a clinical case using Tristar T-Plus to treat a growing Class II Div. I. Malocclusion



Witness the result here.


Creating Digital Functional Appliances with the T-Plus Material : TRISTAR-Aligner Material

Take your orthodontic experience to the next level with Tristar T-Plus. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for a gentle and effective orthodontic material. Contact your orthodontist today and discover the difference for yourself!

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