Tristar is on the Alibaba eCommerce Platform

Tristar is always following the trend and providing customers with an easy option to purchase our product online.


We are excited to announce the launch of our products on the Alibaba e-commerce platform! To visit our site – please click this link –




To celebrate the launching of our Tristar e-commerce store, customers who purchase more than 10,000 Tristar Trubalance sheets before 31 Dec 2022 will get a 50% discount on the delivery fees.


Contact us now at +6017- 743 7433 or email and check out our website –

Tristar Aligner Material is certified to be the provider for Hamer

Another achievement for us! We are pleased to share the great news of our Tristar Aligner Material is successfully validated and passed the material requirement from Hamer. Hamer is a company had more than 40 years of experience in providing the services such as design and manufacturing equipment for the packaging market, especially thermoforming machines for the production of single-use plastic packaging, one of the products is Clear Aligner.


And now, Tristar Aligner Material is certified and become one of the roll suppliers for the Hamer machine. It shows and gives us a strong motivation in what we are doing now is good and makes us continue to be better in producing the best aligner material for our customers. It also strongly reflects on our motto, which is to produce the aligner material that is loved by everyone, from Aligner Companies to Clinicians and ultimately patients.



In conjunction with this announcement, Tristar is giving a ‘Free Sample’ for our customers to experience. Contact us now at +60-3-27711607 or email and check out our website –



Our continuous commitment to aligner material safety: Latest certificate awarded by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia

We are proud to announce we have received ‘The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Certificate’

It represents a further step in the development of Tristar, rewarding the professionalism and expertise of the entire team and a clear demonstration of a commitment to embrace the standard as a vital element of the company’s growth and customer focus strategies.

We will keep growing and our aim is to use our Tristar material as the best option and provide it to the worldwide dental lab to use in producing the clear aligner.

Letter of appreciation from The National University of Malaysia(UKM)

Our commitment to research for a better clear aligner material for all of our partners, and ultimately your patients is never ending!

Research orientated for better solutions

Continuing over 2 decades of clear aligner research, we strive for continuous improvement. We are proud to partner together with the National University of Malaysia into better clear aligner mechanics.

TRISTAR-Aligner Material

Here with Dr Asma Azhari, senior lecturer at the National University of Malaysia.