Tristar Smilekeeper

Tristar Smilekeeper is a single-layered polyurethane material that is made out of a specifically engineered polymer resin as a retainer after tooth alignment.  More details on the composite aligner material are available from the Tristar Trubalance page.

The polyurethane core in Tristar Smilekeeper is designed to withstand the stress of repeated removal and insertion to limit post-treatment relapse or tooth movement. Tristar Smilekeeper is easy to trim and easy to polish, right up to the gingival margins where required.

Tristar Smilekeeper has exceptional crack resistance and it is renowned as the new gold standard for orthodontic retention.

Impact Strength was measured according to ASTM D 5420 (GC) Test Method, using a Gardner Impact Tester, equipped with 0.64 inch Die and 0.625 inch punch. Falling Weight impact, also known as Gardner Impact, is a traditional method for evaluating the impact strength or toughness of a plastic. A weight is dropped from a measured height and the Impact Energy needed to cause failure via crack initiation and crack propagation is determined.

Tristar Smilekeeper has up to 4 times crack resistance when compared to traditional off the shelf PET – G materials such as Essix Plus®