The right material for Teens and Adults

See Whitesmileclear in action in the permanent dentition. Comfortable, yet with mechanically efficient performance. The ability to approach complex adult treatment with confidence.

Pretreatment Fig1: In this case, the patient has a severe, class II div I malocclusion, large overjet, and deep bite. In order to correct it, the lower incisors have to be intruded, and the upper incisors have to be retracted with root torque control in order to ensure the incisor roots stay within the bone.TRISTAR-Aligner Material


At Refinement Fig 2: The material demonstrates excellent root control, maintaining root angulation during retraction in both transverse and facial dimensions. Nearly there, a couple more aligners to go:

TRISTAR-Aligner Material


In this case, a Class II div I malocclusion superimposed with bimaxillary proclination presents to the treating practitioner. See how the aligner material controls extraction space closure, thanks to superior stress retention and potential for root translation during space closure:

Fig1. Top – Pretreatment Middle – Anchorage control at midtreatment Bottom – Refinement