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Tristar Aligner Material is certified to be the provider for Hamer

Another achievement for us! We are pleased to share the great news of our Tristar Aligner Material is successfully validated and passed the material requirement from Hamer. Hamer is a company had more than 40 years of experience in providing the services such as design and manufacturing equipment for the packaging market, especially thermoforming machines […]

Move ahead with great clinical results and reduce material wastage with advanced aligner techniques

We’re proud to launch our Tristar Design Bulletin to help our customers avoid treatment and planning errors. The Tristar design bulletin will be published every 2 months in order to demonstrate how to achieve proper root control and ultimately better outcomes with the Tristar Material Move ahead with Tristar and to know more regarding Tristar’s […]

Composite aligner technology within your reach!

The clear aligners market size is going to hike up in the near future, research shows the market capacity is expected to reach USD30.2 billion by the year 2030 (Grand View Research, 2022). In Tristar, the aligner material is designed to resist wear beyond international requirements, such as CE and TGA.   With this huge […]

Our continuous commitment to aligner material safety: Latest certificate awarded by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia

We are proud to announce we have received ‘The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Certificate’ It represents a further step in the development of Tristar, rewarding the professionalism and expertise of the entire team and a clear demonstration of a commitment to embrace the standard as a vital element of the company’s growth and customer […]

The foundation behind successful tooth movement

The foundation behind successful tooth movement: Made by dentists and dental professionals: Designed by dentists, Engineered for excellence. The Tristar material is engineered and made to achieve only one thing: To outperform competing for aligner materials. A material made by polymer scientists in collaboration with dentists specifically to improve the science of successful tooth movement, […]